Sunday, February 28, 2010


I can see brown, straw looking grass, in spots in the backyard. Today was a balmy 34 degrees, with the sun out. 34 Degrees is not just 34 degrees. If it is 34 degrees, with no sun, and wind, it is a much different 34. We have been seeing sporadic appearances of robins. However no one is sure if the are spring robins, or all winter long robins. We do have winter robins here. I saw about 700 the other weekend at the dog park, amidst a snowstorm. they were clustered on a bush eating berries, and my dog wanted to eat them....I just let him point.

I am tired of the house being filled with stale air, a dirty car, a car that needs vacuumed.

So it would appear that winter is not forever, even if it feels, and looks like it. Spring will come.

Because I have brown grass to prove it.


Gretchen said...

Starting today, we are forcasted four days in the 50's! I may have a heat stroke!

Mary said...

I'm new to military wife blogs. I love yours!