Wednesday, February 10, 2010


As much as I go on and on about how busy I am...I am enjoying everything around me.

I am enjoying this Season of my families life. (even with the complications, the sort of effort we put into things is sure to teach us something) I would much rather be busy than sitting and watching everything around me. You only get one ride ...right? Let's make it worthwhile.

I do wish there were more hours in the day.

The boys stayed home tonight and did homework, and played Mario Kart. PN and I went to church.

For a brief moment I am at peace tonight. I have decided EVERYTHING will not be done EVER...regardless of how anxious it makes me. There will ALWAYS be an undone project, or task, or several....worrying about it does not help...action does.

I will also say we were late to school this morning by a couple of minutes. My bad, I apologized to the kids, and told them I would take full responsibility for it...culprit? Faulty curling iron...
Vanity took precedence over being on time. Not good, but it is what it is. Let me note I am the fastest getter ready I know. But I have horrid naturally curly locks, that are in dire need of a trim....and I looked like Medusa.

The kids are finally understanding the value of a good nights sleep. YAY It only took 6-8 respective years, but they notice the difference in how they feel with a full nights rest. Tonight they were in bed by 8:25pm. Not bad considering PN and I got home @ 8:00pm. so they will get 10 hours sleep.

I do regret one thing, the time with Husband, alone...unsure where we can fit this in our schedule. MIL is on her way and soon I would love to have a date night 1 night every 2 weeks.

Tonight, I am good, I am golden...all is well

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Guard Wife said...

You sound great!

Wondering how the Poncho did today. :)

Miss you & am glad to see that lilt in your voice!!