Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Just you shut your mouth.....(China Girl~ David Bowie)

Psychologist visit was confusing, but ok. I think the Dr. is on the same page, and he will come with us to school, and help advocate for a different academic program, and try to help the teachers with the behaviors. I do not think he HAS to do this, but he agreed. He sees the school year as we do, a FAIL.

The discrepancies in paperwork are the problem right now. On the paperwork the school filled out, well you would think we had an out of control situation. However, when I take in the communication with the school, including report cards, and mentor reviews his behaviors meet school standards...go figure.

Confused much?

There will also be no pigeon holing at this time. There is alwasy time for pigeon holing.

Needless to say, the entire debacle has my head spinning. I am angry, and exhausted.

We have parent teacher conferences tomorrow for one child, and that should prove to be interesting.

I will say this, I had a hard time keeping my mouth shut through the entire process, and the psychologist probably would like to diagnose me with unable to shut the mouth disease. I could NOT help myself though. Seriously. He would go through the paperwork, and I would have something to say. Imagine that. I think DH would have liked to hog tie me. However I have 8 years of info in my head about this kid and one hour to communicate what I THE MOTHER sees.

Do not mess with a Mother's family, seriously. If you wanna see someone loose it, mess with the family, and watch a Mother......

WE get to go back in 4 or so weeks and MEET with someone else.....yee haw, good times.

Let me see, what else do I have to talk about.

My left eye is still twitching, only the left eye, and it is WILD. Nice, it is a good look.

Report cards came home today. SR is almost done with his 4th grade math book. Missed only 3 problems in the last three units. He LOVES math.

PN, did well too, she is a superior student and avoids any and all conflict at school.

Tonight I had women's Bible study, and let me tell you what a huge blessing it was to go, it helped me refocus. I enjoyed it tremendously. I love learning new things about the Bible, and the more I learn the more I realize how much I have left to learn.

So all is well for now, the Dr. seemed to support our thoughts about SR, and wants to help us advocate for him at the school, and will be present at a meeting we will be having in the near future....

Pass the duct tape, for Mom's mouth....


Chelle said...

I really don't understand why Dr's only allow an hour at times for information to be conveyed. It's difficult. I hate trying to pick out the most important parts because to me they are all important because together they create the total image that needs to be addressed.

Hope you can find some time to distress a little, I'm pretty sure once you do your eye will stop twitching.

Wife of a Sailor said...

Oh gosh. Heaven help anyone who ruffles my feathers regarding our kids... once we have them!

And my left eye twitches when I'm angry, too!

bx19 said...

Hold the duct tape.
Mom knows best!!!

Tammi said...

And breathe.....glad to hear the doctor is on board. I think that will go a LONG way in making the school step up.

And forget the duct tape. Use electrical if you must.....much less permanent. ;-)

Guard Wife said...

I don't think there is anyone who would be surprised that this kind of nonsense would raise a good mother's ire. Heck, I want to smack someone in the back of the head and I've never even met SR in person.

You are his best advocate. I'd rather go that extra step and make nice later. You're doing the right thing.

Bou said...

I've been mulling this over. I think the psychologist really has the big picture and it didn't take him long to get it. He sees the kid's IQ and warning bells go off that he's in a situation that the school isn't handling properly. I think most psychologists know the limitations of our school systems and the limitations of... 'average' teachers.

I just can't believe all this BS after last year. I mean come on. Same school. It was such a success last year, are they not seeing where they are failing him this year?

I have a friend that has triplets with pegged out IQs. Her public school system actually told her, "We can't help you... you need to homeschool or go private." No kidding.