Monday, February 01, 2010

student of the week

PN was made student of the week by her art teacher today. She has been waiting ALL YEAR for this, and did not understand why she did not get it months ago. She listens, follows directions...everyday. MY guess is all students eventually get it, but why it took so long, I have no idea. However PN was thrilled, and proud.

Let me note this is the same teacher that engages my 2nd grade son in arguments, and frankly I think she would rather not have my son in her class. A personality conflict, I think that is what they call this. I am guessing SR will not get student of the week in her class. About 3 months ago this teacher sent me a huge e-mail, about a bad day SR had in her art class. He had put his hand in front of the projector she sat him by. (my first thought was ...uh yeah, not a surprise) He was not the only boy who put his hand in front. There were 4 of them. The art class was a wash from there, and they got into an argument, she walked him to the principal's office as he proclaimed "have mercy on me" the entire walk there. I think if things escalated to the point of her needing to take him to the office, she just should have not spoken to him, and taken him. SR is like a small lawyer. I am sure he felt as though the others that did the same penalty, and this made him most upset, and hence the arguing. (And note I do not argue with him, no negotiating...I also do not encourage him to argue with others ESPECIALLY those in positions of authority...) Anywho, they bump heads. It also does not help that is is not a fan of art. He would rather be in math class. I will say I am surprised at how she handles him, and it is never pretty. He does not like art without purpose. He likes schematics, maps etc...but drawing a house, and a kitty does not interest him. Nor does coloring. Her method of dealing with him, well it is lacking, and it will be a long 5 years for him in Art with her as a teacher. It is a personality conflict.

So I have the child that draws all day in detail LOVES art, and if you tell her to draw a house she will draw every shingle, and I have a son who thinks drawing a house is stupid...


Stacy said...

Will be thinking about you today. Been right where you are with Michael years ago Rachelle and it's a difficult position to be in. Michael's IQ was not quite as high as SR's but we had the same situations that you are having.

It did get better with age for Michael for a while, then the problems started again. Eventually I moved him to a private school where they were teaching on his level and had lots of experience with very smart children. That was probably the best thing I ever did for him. He still never made very many friends and never did get involved in anything but math.

I will be thinking about you today.

Unknown said...

I am new to reading your blog, so please forgive me for giving you my input, but I had to say something that might help your son in Art (and cause less conflict with a difficult teacher). I too was a highly gifted student with the math and science gene, Art was not, nor will ever be my thing. When I was younger and having difficulty with the purpose of art, my father showed me the math involved in art. A second grader might not grasp it just yet, but in art, there are percentages, perspective, and ratios.

Without this insight, my drawings of houses felt pointless, but after thinking about it from a math perspective, at least it seemed a little less pointless.

Good luck,