Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why would I want to do that?

PN, and the boy she wants to marry someday....

My daughter is a peach about remembering EVERYTHING. She always remembers her backpack, early releases from school, birthdays, EVERYTHING. She even reminds me about my things. She is a good egg. Tonight she remembered her eye drops and her medicine, and I said to her, "you know what? You would make a good nurse". I said that for various reasons, she is a good judge of people, is easy to get along with, has a ton of empathy, she likes taking care of others.

She replied "no thanks, that does not sound fun at all".

I had to laugh, because really she is right, it is not a "fun" job.

I wonder what she will do with her incredible people skills?

Right now her goal is to be a Mommy, to only one child. She used to want 12, but she has changed her mind. She has her husband picked out, and wants to have one baby and open a Chinese restaurant.

I do not speak of PN much on the blog, probably because she is my easy child. She helps me clean, and cook. She is very detail oriented, unlike me. If I wrap a gift, I throw some paper on it done, she is careful, and wants matching ribbons, and a card with a similar shade of envelope. She will pack her purse the night before we go places. She takes the time to make her friends gifts, and presents, and books. On Sunday mornings she packs her bible, and put on her cross pin she made. She knows all of her classmates first and last names, some parents names and where parents work, who has pets, who likes the color purple, who likes Star Wars. She has an incredible memory for these details.

The child has already written 50 books, she loves drawing, and coloring, and cutting and pasting. She has made herself 3 calendars so she can keep track of the month, and dates. She would not want to forget anything. When I was 6, I do not think I understood the calander yet. She does.

She will make a wonderful Mommy, and woman.

She is also my worrier. She worries about others.

Her parent teacher conference is this week, and I will hear nothing to cause me worry. At the last conference, the teacher could not think of anything to tell us. She said PN is the PERFECT student, and will do well in school.

Tonight she helped me make dinner, and was in charge of the ambrosia salad. It was tasty, and a good salad to have on hand. I might suggest you have your little people make it for dinner. They do love to help.

2 large cans mandarin oranges
2 large cans pinapple chunks
2 cups mini marshmallows
1 cup sour cream
(drain all fruit except for one can oranges)
1 cup cocunut

Stir well chill for 2 hours and serve

I adore this child of mine, and she is such a thoughtful, thoughtful little girl.


Wife of a Sailor said...

She would be a GREAT event planner! Like a wedding planner or something :)

Sarah said...

I wish we lived closer so she could rub off on my little girl...

Ivy said...

Wow. You have two exceptional children. Really. They will both go far in life because they have a mother who knows how to draw the best out in them. Bravo.

Karen said...

What a sweetie. Aren't second children the best?