Monday, January 18, 2010

TAG, your it...

I had to work today. I got home, and DH had to leave. TAG!

Tomorrow the school decided they needed a "work day", or something, even though we just had 6 snow I am home, and will miss the day and TAG I am it.

I also get my root canal finished tomorrow! They should be able to clean out the center of the extra curved root etc. Will be taking the kids, along with a movie, and am hoping the office is ok with that.

I enjoyed these photos today from DH' and The Collective going sledding day! Believe it or not, the snow is melting rapidly, which is amazing, but the 34 degree temps feel balmy after a week or so well below zero. We have also had freezing fog for 2 days straight, almost all day. During the day, the temps are high enough it is not a problem. However, this morning when I left for work, holy Moses, it was slick!

DH had fun with the kids, he had to work most of the weekend, so he missed out on a lot of fun!


Wife of a Sailor said...

We've been having the same weather. It' DOES feel balmy after the crazy negative temps of last month.

And that dog is soooo adorable!

Sarah said...

Poncho is huge but definitely cute.