Tuesday, January 26, 2010

my calendar

Is full these days. there are few spots blank it seems, my own doing. While it feels good to be busy, it is something for sure.

I have not missed any appointments, I always call ahead to make sure to make sure I have the right dates. So far I have only made a couple of errors. thought things were earlier.

The winter season is taking its toll, the lack of fresh air, etc....

When I was little I used to think my Mother was nuts when she would open up windows on a cold day and air the place out....but as a Mother I get this. I did that today. Despite it being COLD, I opened the house, made the kids get a blanket, and TRIED to air out the house, until I could not bear the cold temps any longer.

I have my woman's Bible study class tomorrow, which is good. I am enjoying it, and meeting new people. The kids will have CREW. I volunteered to make snacks and did so tonight. Popcorn balls. It was messy but simple.

PN is down with a cold, a bad one...she is not fun when sick. I am pretty sure she ran herself down over the past couple of weeks. She was having a terrible time getting to sleep. I am going to guess she was over tired, but who knows. She has a lot going on in her head....She managed to go right to sleep last night and tonight.

I bought SR a couple of books this past week, one on managing frustration, and one on perfectionism. He is reading them, and I am hoping it helps. He gets frustrated quickly, angry....and well despite conversation after conversation about it, little improvement. So I went ahead and did what I do with everything else, I bought him the books. He is trying the new techniques, and is letting me know, which he thinks are plain silly, and which are ineffective.

The "school thing", that is what I will call it. Hind sight is 20-20. Right now I am angry. I will also say this, it is a good thing, SR reads, and reads, and learns on his own....because I promise you if he would have been a child that would have really needed academic help this year, he would have been left behind. This year would have been the year that was a waste. I am still angry, because it was a waste of his time. No one values your time when you are 8, and they think what is important to every other 8 year old should be important to you too.

I have read the articles on children in college, and I have heard the criticism, and comments. "That kid should be in soccer, or playing!" What if the kid does not like soccer? What if the child LOVES learning. Because guess what, there are people that LOVE learning. If you asked my son if he would rather do a math worksheet, or play soccer, the math would win. There are people who LOVE science and math, and thank God for those people.

So I am angry today, as I try and get my little head on, and my best advocate pants.....and meanwhile, I read up on state laws, and programs, and try and find my child scholarships for extracurricular learning activities.

He is not going to wait for us people, we need to hurry.


Wife of a Sailor said...

I hate it when I get sick... I can't imagine how bad it is when one of your own kids are sick!

airforcewife said...

You are right - he is what he is. You're not forcing him forward, others are trying to hold him back.

And that will just frustrate him.

You are doing better than anyone else could at being his advocate and guiding him through.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog, but am not the commenting type. My kids have the option to participate in a special program through Northwestern University for gifted kids, but since I already cough up $5K/year in Catholic tuition I'm pretty well tapped. I think it might be worth your time to check out their website: http://www.ctd.northwestern.edu/numats/

I have no experience with their distance learning or summer school offerings but find the concepts and course descriptions interesting.