Thursday, January 28, 2010


I missed work yesterday. Surprise.

PN had cold signs and symptoms for 2 days, I picked her up from school Wednesday, and her left eye was mucky. We came home I washed it out with baby shampoo, put some artificial tears in, made her warm pack it. Went in her room at about midnight, and it was crusted shut. I cleaned it up again, and let her sleep. Woke in the morning, to find her eye all prize fighter puffy, warm packed it, cleaned it out again. She still had cold signs and symptoms. I knew if I took her to school, I would get a call. So I called the boss lady, got us ready for the day, just in case we could go, and drove her to the Dr. without an appointment.

Let me mention I adore our family Dr. He is a gem, and CALM. CALM. I love that about him.

Seems that she had a sinus infection that backed up. Gross. She is now on eye gtts QID. And an oral antibiotic. Poor little thing. She looked so tough. However, she really did not complain.

Let me note here the kids have NEVER had an eye infection. NEVER.

PN gets to have jammie day tomorrow @ school, gets to take a stuffed animal, and have pancakes. She is excited.

SR, had a good week, annoyed a substitute teacher by saying the word substitute over and over, but it is what it is....other than that he is good. He has actually had a VERY good couple of weeks.

We all skipped church Wednesday night, I was wiped, PN was ill, so we took the night off. Let me tell you this, I missed it SOOO much, and will not be skipping again.

I must share something though. The other morning, while at the Dr. I was complaining in my head. "the Dr? really? Missing work again, could these kids wash their hands better, here goes $ on a co-pay, and a day missed wages...wah wah wah whining. "

On the way out of the Dr. I saw a Father unloading a tenny wheelchair, in the snow, with wind blowing...and trying to get the wheelchair unpacked, and get the little boy in the wheelchair....

I was so ashamed of myself, I cannot tell you. I was ashamed. I tried to put myself in that gentlemans shoes for 2 minutes....

That Father would give anything, for an eye infection.



Jayme said...

You are so right about perspective. Sometimes you just need to step back and realize it's not that bad... but it's so hard when you're in the moment.

Wife of a Sailor said...

We all need a little perspective sometimes. Thanks for giving it to me, too!

ptg said...

Thanks. I needed that.