Tuesday, January 19, 2010

another root canal...

OK, so I know my root canal is sooo darn exciting to read about.

I had to have the temp filling removed tonight, and everything re drilled, including the weird curved extra roots. Essentially it was another root canal.

The last 2 days have been better, much better, I am finally feeling my old self...well until today.

Let me also mention, my Trigeminal nerve was effected by the dental procedure, the infection, and the sinus infection. During the last hour of the root canal, I had spasms of the muscles around my mouth, and jaw. Fun times. Crap.

So now I am on muscle relaxers, which Dr. prescribed to rest the jaw the other week. This Dentist today put me on steroids, as anti inflamatory. I am hoping this helps...seriously. I am going to take my narcs tonight and try to get a good nights rest.

Who knows what is going on. The jaw is sore tonight, of course. The root canal with my odd roots, took an abnormal amount of time. 2 hours. I guess that is what happens, when you have extra long curved caveman roots.

So I am hoping to see an improvement soon.

I would like to feel my normal energy filled self. Soon, and mind over matter.

When I practiced nursing I cared for a lot of chronically ill people, alot of whom sufferred with depression, from being in pain. I understand this now, even after this small little problem. AS with all things, it could be worse. Having low energy, and pain means your daily lists, well your expectation is so high, and boom if your body is not cooperating you just cannot keep up. If you are in pain, your day is not good, if you take the meds, poof you cannot keep your pace up. It is a catch 22. I have see it play out hundreds of times. You can be in pain and tired, or on meds and tired, pick one.

When my Mother was fighting cancer, she worked through the first year. She would work an 8 hour day, and then go to radiation, and chemo, and poof she was done. She could hardly feed herself, or enjoy the rest of her day...I recall a conversation we had over the phone one day, a conversation which I begged her to quit working. She didn't want to quit, she liked her job, she loved her friends, she was not done being in the game yet....I convinced her to quit. I told her, her energy could be spent trying to rest, enjoy the 8 hours of energy she had.... cancer, chemo, and radiation take a lot out of people.

Pain is not good.

So far so good, and I get a month off before they put a crown on.

I am showing up in a darn crown for this thing, and this root canal better be the best root canal EVER. I have never spent so much time, or money on a singular tooth in my life. also not a surprise the national Guard Dental benifits bite. Seriously. Most dental insurance bites it anyway...but WOW.

OK I am off to LA LA land, and have to work in the morning, the kiddos are back in school, and it will be rock and roll time. On a side note I hope SR GI bug stays out of the house. It is going through town like wildfire.

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Wife of a Sailor said...

Dental benefits "bite." Haha you are so funny!

I do hope that you get relief from the pain soon, though!