Saturday, January 23, 2010

How do you like it, now that you are back "home"?

I am most comfortable here, I know what to expect, some folks are friendly, others not so much. The weather, well we have dosed heavily, but i must say I love the seasons, even if it means I have one week to prepare for gardening, and have to spend 12 hours a day doing such, same with fall. My family is near, which has been good, I have been able to spend some time with each of them.

Things that have caught me off guard, or I forgot, or that got worse.

1)The potholes this winter, are the most ridiculous I have ever seen, the city is now strewn with hubcaps, people are unhappy after replacing tires after tires. I do not recall it EVER being this bad.

2)The lack of really fantastic restaurants. I can come up with about 5 very decent privately owned restaurants in town. There are some ok chains in town, but they are not always my preference. To my knowledge there is not one decent place to get seafood in town. We do not go out to eat often, because I am a frugal person, and a fair cook. Most of what I have been served while out, have disappointed me. There are some gems in town though. There is a very good Vietnamese place in town, that is not upscale, but the food is quite good. There is a Thai place, that gets a lot of BUZZ, but every single time we load up the car and make the drive, there is no parking, or they are closed. What manages to suprise me? The amount of CRAPPY food being served in town, and PEOPLE loving it enough to keep these places open.

3)Lincoln is a booming town, yet I see signs all over town of distress, buildings being torn down, roads not being taken care of, private businesses not doing well. This week a long time private clothing store, and a book store have both closed doors. so much for Mom and Pop. It is just enough to make me a bit nervous about the local economy.

I should not be so pedestrian about evaluating the city, I am not out much, nor do we spend a lot of time, out and about, but this is what I see.

Other than that, so far so good. I do like it here, and cannot wait for Spring and Summer. I do like that the city is family friendly. There are a lot of parks, and trails for walking and biking, the PARKS! There are plenty of community events, in fact there are so many I find myself checking them often. The grocery stores are CLEAN. Something I missed.

So far so good.....

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But you do have an awesome place to get pah...