Friday, January 15, 2010

7 missed days from work in 2 1/2 weeks

6 of those were snow days, days where school was canceled. I cannot leave the children alone.

Today it was a nasty stomach GI bug, and poor SR. He was actually upset about missing school, as he had a lot of homework to hand in today, and today was the last day of the semester. Let me say this, SR is the best of patients, he is calm, and sleepy. Unlike PN, who acts like a cat in a paper bag. So we had a fairly quiet day until about noon.

The puppy, wanted to play, we were not in the mood. BTW, the puppy is about 35 pounds now. Uh yeah, big puppy. He actually is behaving fairly nicely, especially when he is excercised adequately. WE are lucky to have a dog park near the home, the dog can run, and play and wrestle with other dogs, he loves it. He will also be getting neutered soon. I think DH would prefer to breed him, etc. I however would rather have a CALM pup. He is smart, and can now shake, roll over, sit, lie down, ring the bell to pee, and is learning commands with a whistle. He is tolerating temperatures above 20 degrees pretty well, he enjoys his bath and pulls no shenanigans during it. In bad news, it seems as though i am always retreiving something from him, a toy of the collectives, a hanger, underpants, socks, shoes, something. He is also the snoopiest dog ever, anand has a hounds nose he sniffs and snorts and seeks any dropped morsel of food. His favorite place to look for food is under PN's chair. Do I adore him yet? When he is being good, I love him, when he is wild not so much, he can run around the house like a horse, which is comical, but he could potentially knock a person down. He is strong. For those of you on facebook, we have vidoe of him pulling PN on the sled. He is strong. I read these dogs are used for skijoring, and sledding in Europe. So hoping next winter to get a harness for him. I will take some photos tomorrow, because you will not believe the size of him. HUGE.

I have a plan with the school, I do not want to rehash any of it at this time, I am at peace at the moment.

The root canal, sinus, whatever the freak it is...seems to be a bit better...However, since the root canal when I yawn, cough, chew, my jaw is hurting like mad, my left eye twitching is insane. My Dr. thinks I am having spasms, not TMJ, but similar since the procedure. He gave me some muscle relaxers. which help, when I can take them. I do not like to take them during the day, which is frankly when I should take them but some days they make me more exhausted than is what it is. My job also requires I TALK ALL DAY, which normally would be ok, but I am finding it is fatiguing to my jaw...

After missing so many days in such a short amount of time, I am sure my head is on some sort of chopping block. Ughhh.....I better work my tuchus off when I return, and bring donuts for the love of Pete.

Also our school system has 2 days off next week for Martin Luther King Day. 2 days...DH is covering one of those days here, and I am having to cover the count them 8 days missed in 3 1/2 weeks. Nice.

the temps are finally above 10 degrees. Praise the Lord.

Tomorrow I get to go watch the kids @band pratice. I am taking the camera. So far the kids are loving it. In fact SR is star student of the week next week, and he wrote "I play electric guitar in a rock band."

All is ok, my Father's girlfriend has been diagnosed with Grave's disease. I promised i would get her some information ASAP. Must get it done by Sunday.

Be good, enjoy your soft beds, warm homes, full tummies, and family.....

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Wife of a Sailor said...

My "puppy" is now 125lbs and will be two years old in a few weeks. Just remember, a tired puppy is a good puppy!

I'm SO glad you aren't going to breed him. Breeding should be done by those who show dogs and who's primary purpose is to improve the breed. Not those who want to make some money or just want to enjoy the miracle of birth and puppies (this coming from someone whose family used to do this all the time when I was growing up). There are enough puppies in shelters that need homes.

Ugh, I hope the kids feel better soon. Nothing like sick/grumpy kids.