Saturday, May 23, 2009

Running cattle, and headed to Utah...

This week is a wild one, here at the house. DH and the Collective are off to run cattle this coming weekend out west at family. I need to make a big pan of brownies for him to take up there, and maybe something else...this will be so FUN for the kids, DH and the rest of the family. I am loaning him my camera, as I am sure there are planty of memories to be made on this adventure.

I am headed to SpouseBuzz Live, at Hill AFB in Utah.

I am ready to recharge, my batteries. And I seem to be able to do that at SpouseBuzz events. Not only do i get to see my dear friends, I learn so MUCH from the participants every single time.

I am excited, and must organize myself this week. Pack, coordinate things to wear, look at the weather, I need to do something with my feet and hands, as all of the gardening has made them an embarrassment.


ptg said...

It has become increasingly common to see veterans being thanked for their service. Military spouses also serve, and thanks are in order.

Thank you, AWTM, for your service. Please pass my gratitude on to the service spouses at the "Buzz".

Guard Wife said...

I cannot wait to see you too. It's been too long.