Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I was the recipient of a seranade tonight. DH is a goofball.

I also heard "Sugar Kisses" while at the Hy Vee this evening while buying groceries! I am finally in a demographic that is respected as having money. If you would have told me that the grocery stores would be playing Echo and the Bunnyman as I shopped for smoked turkey, and provalone when I was pert near 39, I would have called you a liar. Now I wanna go hang out at the grocery store, especailly on wine tasting days. Now if I could get Hollister, and Abercrombie to stop playing horrid music, and stop spraying stinky crap outside of the store...I would be "teh" awesome.

The kids are in bed, I am beat. Hence not really productive. I did return my Netflix today, and mailed some bills off. I need to iron, and switch to a Spring bag. I am still carrying my winter bag. I also need to pack some summer clothes for Utah. I really do not own much in the way of summer clothing. I run around in the summer looking homeless. Because I am always wet or sandy with the kids. I think I have a plan, it is called black and white...

I need a pedicure, as my toes are terrible, all of the gardening etc.

I am trying to tie my loose ends up at work, and trying to come up with a good working outline for the summer. This will include the following.

Lincoln Safari

Ager Nature Center


Gavins Pont

Also I am expecting company from a couple of folks!!

SSM is headed across the darn country, with her Husband. They are stopping by!

Trying to Grok is stopping by, and I get to meet her folks!

My Dear Mother In Law is coming as well, and we are not sure if we are sending her back! MIL, we have a toothbrush and everything. You even can have your own room and a TV! the Grandbabies miss her soooooo much.


ptg said...

If stores insist on inflicting this wretched music on their customers, the least they could do is get some innocuous, lyric free covers made by some group like Montovani or 100 Strings.

Mind if I borrow your list of places to visit this summer? I haven't been to any of them and I've been in the area 30+ years. Then, I lived near Ft. Belvoir for years and never went to see Mount Vernon.

vet66 said...

Did you channel Peggy Lee and start singing "FEVER?" You could role play Captain Smith and Pocahontas...! Don't forget the feather!