Sunday, May 17, 2009

Does a cow poop in the dairy?

If you have children you understand all too well the pure enjoyment children get out of the words poop/pee/underpants/ etc. ad naseum.

The other day I picked up Pink Ninja from school, to find she had sketched the picture above. Note it is a cow with a hairdo, with unusually long udders, and a cow that happens to be pooping. I am glad the teacher did not catch it.


Ziggy Stardust said...

That is too funny, thanks you made me laugh.

Ellen said...

Judging from how my brothers used to smell after coming home from milking, PN's picture is perfectly accurate! Well except for the hairdo part ;)

M.A. said...

Ha ha thats hilarious! Kids say the darndest things! or I guess in this respect, draw the darndest things!

Guard Wife said...

I immediatly thought of PN when working with the kindergartners (not M2's class) at the girls' school yesterday. We do a project where once-a-month volunteers go in & share an artist with the kids and then let them create an age-appropriate project in the artist's technique.

Yesterday, we focused on a children's book author. I encouraged the kids to draw about what they know, things about them that other kids would like to read (like the author did).

One little girl called me over to help her spell words for her captioning. She had drawn a very good picture of her two dogs, standing in a line behind a bone. She said, "Tell me how to spell, 'My dog sniffed a bone' and followed up with "Then spell, 'My other dog sniffed my first dog's butt.'"


The kid made my day.

It was the first time I'd laughed at anything having to do with a dog in a week.