Friday, May 01, 2009

Joe Biden scared the crap out of Nebraskans!

Flu is here? Maybe?

Looks like I have a troll...

here is the video for brass monkey


Unknown said...

So why did you feel the need to blame this on the VP?

ptg said...

Because he made the stupid statements, BM?

On the other hand, haven't Matt Lauer's hair plugs filled in nicely?

Journey said...

PTG, luv the Lauer comment.

Funny, I ride the subway continuously, since before the outbreak began in Mexico in early March, and I'm fine.

I find it interesting that for over a week we had over 68% of the cases in this country, and yet we haven't declared a State of emergency (like Texas and California); we haven't closed down school districts (like in Texas & other places).

Each of the cases here have been traced back to either visits to Mexico or people who went on spring break to the "flu" zones, contracted the disease and passed it on to family, friends or neighbors.

Mr. Biden, not one person caught it from a train or plane. IF your theory of spreading the disease was even remotely correct, then almost everyone in each of the flights that come from Mexico (in NYC its over 30 flights daily with an average of 200 passengers per plane), that's about 6,000 people coming into the NYC or passicing through on a daily basis from Mexico, then almost 6000 people would have been sick by now.

That my friends is a true pandemic!
Funny how the thousands of people who normally die from seasonal influenza is not considered a pandemic but 1 baby coming in from Mexico whose family waits 4 days to get the child treatment is a major turn.

Sorry, but I think Biden's thinking is the height of stupidity.

BTW, Mr. Biden, I still want my 5 min with the friekin idiots who both approved and did the flyover in Manhattan. Just 5 min w/each would suffice.

Unknown said...

PTG, now that I saw the video I understand. :) And yes you are right about the hair.

Oh, and I don't think I am a troll, been reading since I was stuck in Iraq and just never felt like commenting before.