Monday, May 25, 2009

3 days...

It has been a long weekend, a holiday weekend. and my thoughts continue to think of those families that have a lost a loved one in service to protect liberties all over the World.

DH is in the back yard this morning, teaching The collective, the proper way to catch and throw a football, I am cleaning up the kitchen after deciding crepes would be delicious for breakfast.

It is the simple things....

I have thought about these families today. I ache for them, as there is no simple any longer. Moments will be bitter sweet for a lifetime.

39th Brigade Combat Team deaths during Operation Iraqi Freedom II (2004-2005)

* Sergeant First Class William W. Labadie Jr. of Bauxite, Age 45. Killed in Action, 4/7/04

* Captain Arthur L. Felder of Lewisville, Age 36. Killed in Action, 4/24/04

* Chief Warrant Officer Patrick W. Kordsmeier of North Little Rock, Age 49. Killed in Action, 4/24/04

* Staff Sergeant Billy J. Orton of Carlisle, Age 41. Killed in Action, 4/24/04

* Staff Sergeant Stacey C. Brandon of Hazen, Age 35. Killed in Action, 4/24/04

* Specialist Kenneth Melton of Batesville, Age 30. Killed in Action, 4/25/04

* Staff Sergeant Hesley Box of Nashville, Age 24. Killed in Action, 5/6/04

* Sergeant First Class Troy Leon Miranda of Wickes, Age 44. Killed in Action, 5/20/04

* Sergeant Russell L. Collier of Harrison, Age 48. Killed in Action, 10/3/04

* Sergeant Ronald Wayne Baker of Cabot, Age 34. Killed in Action, 10/13/04

* Sergeant Michael Smith of Camden, Age 24. Killed in Action, 11/26/04

* Corporal Jimmy Buie of Floral, Age 43. Killed in Action, 1/04/05

* Specialist Joshua Marcum of Evening Shade , Age 33. Killed in Action, 1/04/05

* Specialist Jeremy McHalffey of Mabelvale, Age 28. Killed in Action, 1/04/05

* Specialist Lyle Rymer II of Fort Smith, Age 24. Killed in Action, 1/28/05

* Staff Sergeant William Robbins of North Little Rock, Age 31. Killed in Line of Duty, 2/10/05

I recall the following today.


Ziggy Stardust said...

I will say a collective prayer for all. God bless you.


M.A. said...

I will remember these soldier's members families in my prayers, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for remembering them enough to put them on your blog, especially since many of them are around from where I live in Arkansas. You always hear about soldiers from other parts of the country, but not very often from around the Arkansas area. Thank you so much!

Stephanie said...

I am so sorry that you've had to witness so many great men lose their lives. All fallen soldiers are in my prayers. And thank you for your blog - I appreciate your perspective as a civilian/active/guard wife.


XtnYoda said...

Thank you for remembering.