Friday, June 27, 2008

Realtor jedi mind tricks plus hotel hell = stiff drink


I just got a call from the seller of the house.

A counter offer.

For the love of Pete, how I loathe this bungled process.

I really do.

When I sold my home, the buyer and I were up front and honest about what we both needed.

A one page contract and waaala. Done. Both parties were pretty much satisfied.

Well the party I happen to be buying from, is also a realtor in his spare time. (Cripes)

He felt the need to involve a third party realtor in the process.

Yesterday I had to make a 45 minute visit to a "sellers agent".

18 pages later I had an offer in...

How freaking ridiculous.

Folks, this is an irritating process to me....not kidding.....

I am an honest person, to a fault.

And this back and forth crap....well it is ridiculous in my book.

If I get to irritated I will be done.

We have 2 other homes on the back burner, and I am glad. One never knows.

pussy footing is not a sport in my book, it is a waste of time, and sheer ridiculous.

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