Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Curious thing this media induced mortgage crisis.

Last night we went on a second go through of the house.

Someone also came for a second go through 2 minutes after we left.


Today is filled with the ugliness of paperwork.

I have to fill out an offer, go to the bank and get my earnest money, and call my mortgage company. All ugly and no fun I assure you. I am sick of realtors, banks, and legal jargon that is "contracts"...


In non complaining news....

It really is a great house, in a great neighborhood. For those of you who may be curious, I will try and take photos at some time...oh and guess what? The garden is almost as big as the one I left. We will get the schools we WANT There is a huge deck made from tekwood or something...which means, no freaking washing and sealing it...the deck is also covered! Ceilings in basement are 9 feet tall, which frankly means it does not look like a basement. 3 car garage. Corner lot in a suburb with 1/2 acre. Ahhhhh....no one can hear me flush.

And the master has a tub....which I will live in.

Bad news, they cannot exit for 30 days.

We also have to switch hotel rooms this morning!

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