Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adventures in house purchasing, and hotel living Chapter I forget...

In good news. Sir Rowland, can now dive under water, and retreive things from the floor of the pool.

Pink Ninja, is not far behind, and can swim 5 feet under water.

May sound like no big deal, but these skills have been acquired quickly, and simply from spending an excessive amount of time in the water.

I am proud of them and amazed.

I caught Sir Rowland awake at 3:00 this morning, flailing about on top of the bed, as if he was in water. He was sleep swimming. Something I have never seen.

We finally dropped an offer in last night on the house this morning.

We were waiting for all of the #'s to come.

In insane house searching news, I spent 2 hours trying to call my Dad yesterday (he was not answering the phone), and frankly with his current heart condition, I was worried. Worried enough I called the hospital to locate him. He was not there. At about 4:00pm he called me to let me know he and his lady friend were here in town. Not to see us, but to look at the house. So I gave him the address. I thought, well heck, he will drive by and give it a looksee.


He and lady friend stopped in. YES, they went inside the house. They also did not have the sense to tell the owner, they were just looking. My Father told them, "I am her DAD.".


I am not sure what that did to my negotiating power, but I am guessing it did not help much.

After all in my Father's eyes I am like 15 some place in his brain....

Instead of ringing his neck....or throwing a fit, I had to gently remind him we have not started negotiating.

#2, I had to prevent my poor DH from having a stroke, or killing my Father.


Probably not a big deal, but seriously....

Living 12 hours away from familiy made me forget that some folks like crossing the line, because they do not see it....

OK I have to call the 3rd party involved in this to negotiate....

And then it is off to the pool.

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Carissa said...

I am totally with you on family crossing the line. My hubby and I lived far away and I moved back closer to home during the deployment and now I have "drop in" visitors all the time. Very annoying!