Thursday, June 12, 2008

Figuring out the Serenity Prayer, leading horses to water and something about drinking.

You know the part about changing what you can? Making horses drink? I guess I can drink right?

I am figuring this one out.

OK Dad update. He remains stubborn, and 6 years after my mother's passing he is used to being alone. A lovely mix! (insert sarcastic voice). My Father's ateries are sclerotic. A genetic predisposiiton. His cholesterol is fine. Probably better than mine.

I am trying to get him to convert to turkey bacon, egg beaters, when he is hungry for bacon and eggs. (ain't gonna happen) I introduced him to the wonderful world of grilled pineapple, and Mrs. Dash. He remains less than impressed.

I figure, I can do what I can here. I know I cannot stay forever and take care of things.

He is from the "old skool MidWest" which means, bread on the table every meal, red meat almost every meal, every day.

He did take 3 short bicycle rides yesterday. Which was nice, if he would keep it up. I cannot make him do it.

He seems to have VERY short term memory. The other night as he lay on the gurney in the ER with unrelieved chest pain, well I could see him bargaining with God, I watched it. I saw him more fearful than i have ever seen him.

So, essentially at this time, he just needs to build periphreal circulatory systems, which is not easy at 67, and you are not getting much oxygen to his heart in the first place.

His BP, seems to have leveled out. Usually about 126/68...or there abouts. His cardura remains on hold.

The Collective annd I are headed to Lincoln over the weekend. We need to find a place to live, soon. the market seems to have slowed down.

I have broadened my search to include 2 story homes....

Hell it won't hurt me to climb stairs right? Particularly with this cardiac monkey on my back...

Ummmmmm......trying to find something brilliant to say, and do not have it in me at this time...

See you soon, miss you all...

Tornadoes here last night, I am sure you have heard about the boy scouts....

pray for them...

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