Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And 2011 begins

We survived 7 family birthdays, and 3 major holidays, a wedding out of state, 3 minor illness, 4 therapy sessions, 3 birthday parties (including a at home just dance "80's" party for my daughter), a minor car accident, a home refinance, school, and work, and a death in the family since I was here last.

My anxiety has gotten better even with all of that. I will blame the holidays, and wanting everything perfect. When will I learn? The holidays went swimmingly, the food and company were loverly, and I adore being able to spend them with all of my family. It is nice to have a sweet baby around, and a close in age niece for PN to play with. It is also nice to have family here to visit, as I think I am able to relax knowing SR is on home turf, can escape or not when overwhelmed. He typically does not escape when family is here, he enjoys them.

I still have to have a celebration here for all of the January birthdays, as we were away in Little Rock (our former home to attend a beautiful wedding for friends). A birthday party is in the makes!

School seems to be going well for both children. PN is as smart as a whip, and doing well, there are no complaints, she is eager to do homework, and enjoys school. I recieved an email from the leader of the IEP team for SR the other day saying all is well, and they think there are big improvements. Praise God.

Goals for 2011 will be discussed here in brief, because I need to be accountable.

Do something to organize, or complete a project every single day.
-yesterday I organized all of my gift bags and paper for all seasons into totes.
-today I made health appointments for myself.

Loose weight already woman.
-funny thing about being thin for so many years, it makes you dysmorphic, so I think I look ok, until I saw photos of myself from the wedding I went to, I look pregnant. Although I adore my yoga there is no time currently, nor will there be any in the near future. I think I will start by doing Just dance on the Wii with PN everyday for 30 minutes and see how it goes. (that way I can play with her and excercise. It is too damn cold to walk right now, and a membership to any gym is not in my cards.

Get rid of some debt.
-I am paranoid about the collapse of the economy, and am really trying to get rid of small debts I have. There is not much, so this should be easy if my appliances stop hating me.

Get some much needed decorating of the house done.
-includes repainting the main bath, thought I would like the color and I do not.
-paint PN's room, and redecorate for her, she informed me Disney princesses are sooo child like. (ordered new bedding she picked tonight) She wants the kelly green paint too, which makes me nervous.
-paint Master bath, and ceiling.
-need curtains.

Complete several home projects, and fix its.
-garage door repaired
-master toilet driving me bonkers
-basement storage room complete
-need a lot of shelving for books
-have living room carpets cleaned
-make sure SR gets some sort of work space

Organize photos into boxes.


Combat Shop Tactical Gear said...

Good luck, very specific goals are a key to having achievable goals. Hope your 2011 is better then you hope. Happy New Year!!

Bou said...

I hoped all was well!

BTW, near the end... painting her bedroom as Disney princesses are childlike. Gotta name in there... just thought you should know...