Friday, January 14, 2011

This week several things accomplished

Dr. appointment with referral to plastic surgeon for a mole that is growing out of control on my eye. Referral to a surgical gyno for female problems that plague me. Dental appointment made with a whitening tx.

Plumber fixed a litany of problems, $289.00 worth.

Electrician came and repaired a light.

My husband will be in Afghanistan at some point in the near future. Exotic locale. My heart is sad.


Lou said...

i am so sorry love, i hope things start looking up. Keep your head up and strong.

beth @ {expeditionaryfamily} said...

Hang in there! Sometimes it feels like it's all coming down at once, but you'll push through it.

Anonymous said...


farmwifetwo said...

Did the surgical gyno thing and couldn't be happier even if it was just before Xmas. Hope yours works as well.

Sorry about Dh's deployment.

One kid is thriving - the one with NLD (elder) - the other is receiving respite... OK, not quite put I'm pissy about things at the moment... Thing is, the old school get's why I'm upset (integrated), the new one (special ed) does the "huh, all the other parents just let me write the IEP" (Scream).

Glad your eldest is doing better. Having been there, spent lots, it doesn't look like it's working in the short term, but over the years I have found all of a sudden those skills have sunk in. We have a new social skills group only an hour away (the other was 1.5) and I'm sending the elder for a week this summer, he's in Gr 6 and doing very well. BUT... there's still room for improvement or simply understanding to survive middle and highschool.