Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snow, and the democrat...

My Husband's Step Father is here this weekend for a visit. He is in town for some Democratic fund raiser/political event. I am letting him stay here despite that. We love him dearly, but I find the conversations are hilarious and absurd on both ends. He thinks Rachel Madoux, and Oberman are right on, as I sit here and laugh at how cartoonish I think their views are, and when I talk about how I adore Alan Keyes, he seriously bends at the waist and thinks I am kidding. It is like being in a vortex....I just sent him and DH out of the house, so they can go to a golf shop, and buy me some more yarn, as I am almost completely out. Perhaps a break from political discussion would be good.

It snowed here, and got down to about 6 degrees. This is not sledding weather, I will not go out of doors in 6 degrees, with this wind, and sled. I refuse. So I just went downstairs, and collected a large wardrobe box from the move. I am letting The Collective magic marker , and color it, and make some sort of fort for the day.

I was down and out this week, in my red tent. Contemplating on keeping my woman parts for the 100 time. I managed to make it through work by eating advil, and pamprin by the handfuls. And no I am not exaggerating, I was taking about 800mg every 3 hours and if I waited until 4 hours I was doubled over in pain. I need to find a new vagina whisperer here in town. This should not be fun or exciting, and I do not want to start "all over again". Not excited. Adenomyosis, is an icky icky thing.

So I am trying to catch up on laundry, dishes, dusting, and the rest of those things that do not complete themselves.

I am hoping The Collective no not kill one another over this box, and now see I amy need to get a second one from the basement to prevent death. I should know this by now.

OK second box obtained....I hope this was a good idea.

SR's coughing seems to have subsided a bit, I decided against a trip to the Dr. and am hoping it improves.


Guard Wife said...

I so hear you on the needing a good doctor thing. I don't know what I would do if we moved or if I weren't adamant that we were NOT going to the base for the next 18 months...nope. I'm keeping my guy, Tricare be damned.

So glad we have set a date to bring combat troops home from Iraq & even more so that idiotic people keep saying, "Gosh, won't that help your husband?" before they know he is leaving & it just means he won't be coming home when he was supposed to...nope, I'm betting about a 4-month extension for us.

I'm having a day. Not enough wine (or gin, for that matter) on the planet, I'm afraid.

Hope the kiddos are able to stop coughing & be 100% healthy again soon. :)

Wendy said...

I have an excellent Doc in the Omaha/CB area. He came highly recommended by several friends and he accepts TriCare. I drive almost 100 miles each way to see him.Let me know if you are interested in his info.

I had adeno (as well as several other issues) until October when I finally had it all removed. BEST decision I ever made.

Pain/flood free for the first time in about 20 years.

Linda said...

You would be the only other person I know (other than my last GYN) who knows (and can spell) what Adenomyosis is.

I HIGHLY advise the removal of your uterus. Living on Advil, Aleve, and heating pads...going through boxes and boxes of pads/tampons every not worth it. I didn't even know I had it until after surgery. All I knew is that I was miserable for several weeks a month...couldn't do anything for at least 3-4 days (where I was too afraid to leave the house, because I needed a bathroom every 10 minutes for changes!)...and the pain, oh MY. So seriously...

Find you a new VW (not volkswagen, vagina whisperer!), and get it done. you will feel immensely better. Keep the ovaries though.

Rachelle Jones said...

ladies...glad to hear it...I have a couple of even more personal questions I am going to ask about this, but will not ask here.

glad you are both feeling better!!

Anonymous said...

My best girlfriend had this too. She had hers removed last summer. She said she cannot believe she lived that horror for so long. Unfortunately, she could not keep the ovaries. It was the ovaries that prompted the removal as we thought she had the Big C. Scary times. Came back neg, but what they saw when they cut her made them take all of it... and she can't believe how much better life is.

Keep the ovaries. She is suffering through menopause now, but says although infinitely easier than what she was doing, it sucks.

Wendy said...

My ovaries left the building as well as my cervix. Once they got in there they found I also had PCOS on top of the adeno, as well as a fibroid the size of a newborns head and pre cancerous cells on the cervix...
what fun! Just a huge grab bag of goodies. not.

Menopause is nothing compared to what I dealt with before. I feel human again.

Anonymous said...

ok, so I know I am late on the uptake here. BUT!!! I know of a great whisperer in Lincoln that helped me through quite a few hard areas with me. Let me know if you want the number. She is located at Bryan LGH East Medical plaza and I LOVED her! I am planning on seeing if I can just come back there to see here because I don't like my whisperer here!