Thursday, February 26, 2009


is a precious commodity these days here at the house. It seems as though there are not enough hours in the day, and the cobwebs here are insane.

The Collective are currently coughing, yes both of them. It sounds like bronchitis, I am going to see if I can get them both through the day, before taking them in to the Dr. I just keep thinking, we have spent more time at the Dr. than I care to.

The other night while playing Monopoly jr. with the kids PN announced

PN "do you know why I am having one child?"....

DH and I: "No."

PN "So I know who did things, when I ask."

She is brilliant! This is the same child who when asked what she would like to be in the future, she says "A Mommy." This is also the same child who wanted 5 children, but decided against it, because she decided it was far too much work.

Frankly I wish that loony Mother of 14, would have taken 2 minutes to call my 5 year old, because she figured it out at 5 years of age.

I also have came to the conclusion that the Dr. who got the loony woman pregnant should have to take care of those children. I imagine that sort of "event" would never happen again.

I have been under my rock this week, We did manage to make it to Ash Wednesday service last night. Our assignment was to use the 51st Psalm as a template for a letter to Christ, and instead of "giving something up for Lent", we were asked to add something to our life over Lent to bring us closer to Christ. I thought this was a great idea.

I keep forgetting my dry cleaning, and need to pick it up TONIGHT.

WE now have a science fair to prepare for, and I think that may be it.

DH has been especially busy at work, he left here this morning at 2am, it seems as though Spring will be busy for him.

Work is fine for me, of course now that I have almost figured out our current computer system, we are changing it over in a month or so.

All is well....


Marc Miyake said...

Vremja - moj vrag. (Time is my enemy.) I can empathize.

Sick so soon again? SR too this time? Yuck! Is the Collective staying home from school today? And are you staying home with them?

PN is really thinking ahead! And when I say "thinking," I mean thinking through the consequences and not going along with random noise in her head.

I wonder what you'll be adding to your life.

Linda said...

PN is wickedly smart! Although, I did try that excuse with my hubby when we had one child, and he STILL wanted another...didn't win the battle with that.

I am ITA with you on the octomom, and the doctor. He SHOULD be held responsible...HE should be made to pay for all the medical costs of SEVEN of them...since he implanted way more than the recommendation by the medical community. But my bigger take on this? Octomom thought she'd be showered by the world over for having these 8 babies...given a house, van, food, diapers, etc, etc. Well, she guessed wrong.

Hope everyone in your house gets better soon. Don't recall there being this much ick in your house when you were in the south... ;-)

Sarah said...

PN is so funny! I never thought of that: one kid = one culprit.

Anonymous said...

HA - PN IS brilliant! I'll have to use that on my husband next time he comments about having another one.