Thursday, February 12, 2009

like a dog with its tail between its legs...


I think all are healthy here.

Let me find some wood to knock on.


So I missed 3 consecutive days at work, that is always great to do at a relatively new job.

I have to show up this morning, with the feeling of guilt, like I was on a Love Boat cruise instead of up to my elbows in all things bodily fluids...

3 days. I do not think I have ever missed so much work, even due to personal illness. With exception of when my Mother was ill.

So I must head in today fully caffeinated, and ready to roll.

DH could not stay home as he had a finance class, that the Army only offers once in a blue moon.

I loathe not holding my end of the bargain up...

Of course me being the emotional person I am I will be able to read everyone's reaction this morning to my absence.

Wish me luck....


Marc Miyake said...

An Amii Stewart song comes to mind.

I missed a lot of work last year when my father was dying (hooray for understanding supervisors!), but apart from that I almost never miss work. Never missed a day of school for 20 years, or a day of teaching as a professor - there are only so many days in a semester, and each one can be crucial. I take sick days when I really am sick. PN-level sick.

I am so glad she's better. Resilient, indeed! Nothing can keep a ninja down for long.

I hope you're past the guilt stage at work as I write this, impressing people left and right with AWTM-ic (pronounced atomic) powers that have not faltered during your absence.

I bet your coworkers are asking you questions and you're trying your best not to gross them out with what happened, maybe by being as vague as possible. They don't have to know.

Nor do we, but I appreciate the updates.

Guard Wife said...

I'm sure you were appropriately grateful in your return to work and soon, everyone realized that you were not the lucky duck sitting home watching soap operas all day.

People have their own damage & issues & we should try not to take it upon ourselves...even though we do!

Glad PN is better.

Anonymous said...

I miss work due to kids being sick. It is what it is and they knew it going in hiring me.

At first I felt bad, but now I don't. My kids come first and if they have a beef with it... well... too bad.

I think the average person gets it. Not one of my coworkers has ever been nasty about it, even when there has been a panic someone has had to cover for me.

Anyone who holds over your head that you were home with a sick child is heartless.

Anonymous said...

So... were your co-workers nice about it?