Sunday, March 14, 2010


Why is there always a list here? things to buy, things to do? the list seriously needs to be tackled NOW, otherwise I will be loosing sleep over it.

I need a follow up mammogram, YAY. (My Aunt Mother's side is a survivor)

I need a colonoscopy, nothing says fun like sitting on a toilet for days, and having a camera inserted in your anus. (My Mother died from colon cancer that metastitized pretty much everywhere) No choice in this one, because I am turning 40. Holy Crap, I am turning 40.....

Need to write a letter to our bank in Arkansas for the third time to get the title. This process gives me a letter, and the phonecall should have been enough.

Check on the red and white game tickets you bought your Dad. I bought 10 expecting to get them in the mail, but am having DH go to the UNL office this week to check.

Need to buy some glass jars to store food in, I am not storing anything in plastic any longer.

Need to organize the pantry.

Need to order some Hosta bulbs. I do not have enough here.

Also I am looking for a larger car, I downsized 2 years ago, and love the car, it is good on gas, but it is too small. Looking at the Nissan Murano. something to fit 5 comfortably...anyone?

Need to get some frames painted, and replace some glass in a frame....

and the list continues.

Headed to Fort Hood this week for SpouseBuzz, ready to see my friends, but also need some major decompression time....going to turn my hotel into a sensory deprivation tank...of sorts.


Sara said...

We just bought the Nissan Murano as a downsize from a 4x4 truck. We love it. We got a "bottom of the line" version and there's nothing bottom of the line about it. The gas mileage gets an average of about 21-22 in the city and on many of our road trips we get 28.

The backseat area is incredibly roomy, and one side of the backseat actually leans back like the front seats.

When you lay down the seats to make more space everything lies completely flat.

It's fun to drive and easy to be a passenger in. You won't regret it if you buy one.

Stacy said...

I have the Nissan Rogue, which is a step down from the Murano and I love it except for the one blind spot that I just can't seem to adjust too. I think Chevy makes an SUV that is suppose to get better gas milage than the Nissans.

soldierdeb said...

I can agree with your sentiments exactly.
Not only am I turning 40 - I have to go through all of the special examinations again.
Have safe travels this weekend and good luck on the decompression. We all need it once in awhile.
We are leaving country pretty soon and will going through the demob process and then back to "civilian" life.

Just Another MilSpouse said...

I recently found your blog and started following because I think it's great to hear that other people have chaotic lives too. It helps knowing I'm not the only one struggling with a to-do list longer than my arm. Anyway, I'll look forward to more of your posts.

Army of Mom said...

I really wish I wasn't so behind on reading blogs ... I would have driven down to Fort Hood or thereabouts to meet up and say hello ... that is where I met my dear honey when he was in the Army. I was the education reporter for the Killeen Daily Herald. :)