Friday, October 27, 2006


I met Stacy's folks last night!! Her Momma was pretty and sweet as Southern Tea, her Daddy too. I was met with a HUGE basket of home canned pears, tomato juice, pear jelly, pear butter, squash relish, figs, strawberry figs....homemade fudge that is out of this World (yes I tried it in the truck on the way home). And a LARGE box of home canned goods. The Collective even got gifts!! Even large sacks of candy!! (The Collectives behavior....not exactly ideal or stellar....cough* This is another post all together.)

Stacy's folks are on a "bike ride" across the country, with family. They all have motorcycles!! Poor things, are on a ride to enjoy the fall foilage, and the rain put a damper on things...

DH and I were so glad we met up with them!! I will certainly be making the trip to see Stacy and them, in the future!! Please go OVER TO STACY, and wish her well Michael is still recovering from his motorcycle accident.

Stacy is only 6 hours away!! YEAH, I see a trip in my near future!!

Now I got to finish packing.

Of course I am not done yet, are you people crazy?!

( bI will recap this, this coming week...)

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