Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Gliding Discs are made by the devil, and other foolishness.

So, I am ALMOST back to my full-time gym routine.

My somewhat smallish community cannot supprot 2 yoga studios, and of course the one with the child care nixed the yoga. All of my very hard physical work had went to the wayside while I was ill, even with the walking. Walking was not enough, even with nothing but hills around here.

So I found myself back in "gliding harmony" class yesturday. Yeah do not let the name fool you. The class is a combo class, yoga, pilates, small weights, and gliding discs,. Ouch. Ouch. If pain equals results, I should be back to "normal shape" in 2-3 weeks. Still struggling with side plank, and tri-cep push ups. Damn. Upper body stregnth, (never my strong suit) is a problem again.

The "gliding discs" are made by the devil. Ouch. We did push ups with them. Go ahead try it, try moving your arms in and out for a pushup on a disc that slides on carpet. It better be doing something, because it is genuinely hard. We also did "bridge" yoga pose, and then used the discs, also very difficult. Then my instructor tried some crazy ass series where, we would be in pyramid yoga pose, doing bicep curls. I am sure all of this is very good, it just takes some getting used to.

Also note, I always, ALWAYS am in the back. I own the back of the room in excercise class. ALWAYS.

However yesterday, we had an inactive bystander sitting in the back watching us all excercise. I am unsure what her purpose was, but it made me uber uncomcomfortable.

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