Thursday, October 12, 2006

Walking and chewing gum

OK, so I have spent a lifetime as the "not jock" of the family. My Dad: All State Football, college scholarship offer (not used) , my Brother: played baseball in college, 2 cousins have played for UNL. Me? No not much.

I run like a girl, and I am slow. Oh-- and I do not like running as sport. It is confusing to me, pain. I can throw a ball straight, and fairly fast but not far. I played volleyball, and basketball, both horribly. I tried both for my Father (who was my coach, yeah the coaches daughter sucked at both--poor Dad) . I tried cheerleading, and suprisingly I did not like doing halftime "shows". Too much attention. It was probably good I "tried". My golf swing horrible, but I do enjoy a good 9 holes of golf, I am great with a pitching wedge, my drive needs work it is low, but straight. I also like a tennis game, if you do not make me RUN everywhere. I do respect athletes, and the ability to make athletic activity look effortless. I enjoy sports, really I do, I would enjoy them more without an audience. I am not athletic...I KNOW this.

exercise has turned into a necessity for me,it has made me feel physically better, it has made my head clearer.

So this morning I went to "yoga". The calendar said "gliding harmony", and had the yoga instructors name by it. So I showed up, dropped "The Collective" off at the gym nursery, grabbed my yoga bag and headed on in. OMG?

Confusing, there are weights and small Frisbee thingys on the floor? Huh? Oh crap? WTF am I doing here? So of course there were niceties, and then the explanations about my subsequent illness, and gynocological updating. Oh-- and then I was told the straight yoga class had been scratched. Our little suburb is not interested enough to support the studio down the road and a yoga class so "gliding harmony" has taken its place.

I of course asked questions, and offered a plethora of excuses for my current state poor physical condition.

Has anyone fallen off of these little gliding thingys yet?

Has anyone died?

ad naseum....

My instructor actually asked me if I wanted to "practice"...I replied quickly with a "yeah no thanks, audience not needed!!"

So I did hang in, although combining movements makes me look ridiculous.

Arms up holding weights, right leg up, left leg up and out and over.

OMG? I tried and tried to get it all going "together" and by the time the series of 12 would be over it would be time to do something else.

Then I hear this...

from participant to instructor

"Why are we doing series of 12 instead of 6 today?"

OH great it is my first day and I came on increase day?

Well I made it through "increase day". I looked awkward and felt awkward, but I did not bail out, I made it through class with the regulars.

Will I go back?


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Tori Lennox said...

You're a braver woman than I!