Thursday, October 05, 2006

I went back to yoga last night, and boy are my arms tired....

When I was "ill", with "female trouble". (which by the way is a funny movie) I stopped going to yoga, and pilates. I think that has been clear around here. No photos, of odd positions for everyone to try. So instead of yoga and pilates I had started walking as much as I could. As much as I enjoy walking, I have learned this. A walk does not do it on a daily basis for me. I love walking when I am frustrated or upset, even angry. It gets pounded out, but my thoughts generally do not clear. I am thinking the entire time I am walking, so it offers little relief for me.

Well those around me, had noticed, I really needed my yoga, and pilates back. First to notice. DH of course. He is used to a mellower, kinder AWTM. And with all of the female trouble I was having, and a progeseterone level that was higher than normal, and not dipping back to where it should be monthly. Well, lets just say poor DH, to be around me and extra female hormones. I pity him, and you should as well. (Which is usually is a non-issue).

Second to notice were friends and family. I guess it is noticeable when my chi is out of whack, and I have no extra physical outlets.

What is so different about yoga? Well it requires FOCUS. If I let my mind wander during yoga, I will tip over, I will lose balance, I will not be focusing on my breathing. In order for "me" to be a successful yoga practicioner, I need to FOCUS. Focus is good for me. In case you haven't noticed, my mind wanders. The yoga is great for me.

So last night, and went back and started with yolattes. ( a blended yoga and pilattes class) Frightening. It really was, to be out of yoga commission for that length of time, and jump right back in. I jumped with both feet as well.

There was this, my upper body strength, suffering. I noted this while doing tri-cep push ups. Damn. So here I go again. Also, my right plica (knee) , is going to require a cortisone shot before the end of November. Damn.

The good news is, I hung in. I bailed early out of a series twice. Once tricep push ups, the other some awful side lying series on my gluts. I got a cramp in my glut. Ouch.

The ab work felt great. Great and painful, which means. Damn. But at least I knew I was working hard.

There was also this..."OMG, where have you been?" discussion. After the first explanation I was sick of it. Maybe I could get t-shirts made, with the lengthy explanation on it?

The bad news is this. There was no way I could go this morning. NONE. My neck, my gluts, and my arms. OUCH!!!

I am paying for neglecting my body. OUCH!! Seriously, I feel like my arms weigh 50 pounds a piece, my tush feels like I did 400 squats. Oh and Pilates requires your head be off of the floor, for most exercises, and my neck.....ouch.

So I bailed out this morning, there is no class tomorrow, so it looks like Saturday morning, I will need to get my butt in the gym early. (and take "The collective").

Ok, I gotta go and rest my arms, I did not know typing could hurt.

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vw bug said...

Yikes woman. You make me look like a complete slob. I can't imagine doing what you just did. I wouldn't be able to walk or type for a week! Keep it up for me! I need to see someone succeed at exercise!