Sunday, October 22, 2006

Auction Update, and Fundraising Update

Go over and read A Storm in Afghanistan, he has an update on Elicia. I am glad to hear things are currently "ok". Her bravery is amazing.

He also says this...

What has truly stunned us has been the messages of support. In the donations, there are often words of support thanking ME! I am just a Soldier... I am surprised and humbled by this. Ellicia is the one who is so strong, and she gets my tremendous respect and adoration. I don't know how she does it, every day, so strong.

We're touched, too, by those who give when in need themselves. From the hastily scrawled note in the mail saying times were tight, but enclosing $5... to a donation of the last dollars in someone's PayPal account.

So I want to thank those of ou who have made whatever contribution you could. Even if it was $1.00 or a message of support.

You did something, and all of those donations add up in the end.

The auction continues, Buzz Patterson's donation of 3 sign books, is still available on e-bay.

Once Again Thank You Andrea!!

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