Tuesday, October 31, 2006


This is the first year DH has been here for Halloween since the birth of The Collective. He gets the "door to door" duty with Pink Ninja.

Sir Rowland and I have the honor of schlepping candy to the door.

Normally, we run out of candy every hour. We get a lot of trick or treaters. However it is chilly out tonight, every church, zoo and communtiy center is having some sort of festivity so who knows.

DH just left with Pink Ninja. She lloks so cute. Sir Rowland insisted she do a "practice run here at the house".

It is 6:30pm

We have had 15 trick or treaters. Sir Rowland is telling people that "this candy will turn you into a frog".

After they leave the porch Sir Rowland says: HA Ha, my evil plan is working, they are all going to turn into frogs!!

UPDATE: Yeah!! As I am chewing a piece of candy and answering the door, my neighbor lady brings her boys to the door...she is very nice. Then she says "oh my husband and I happened to see you the morning you were on TV. I didn't recognize you at first, you looked fat".

Yeah, I will not be eating any more candy tonight...


1 comment:

Christina said...

I think I'm not overly fond of your neighbor.

Not exactly what I would call Southern manners...

Happy Halloween!

; )