Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A girl has to have a goal right?

Goals for the Thursday:

1) Find a babysitter for Friday afternoon I desperately need to get rid of my very trashy looking roots. "light" is also the preference for my hair color (AGAIN). Although this will be the final time before winter, my hair and wallet need a break!!

2) Do all laundry available in the house (except linens, which will be done this weekend, because DH has drill, and I will do it then)

3) Dreaded task bills. Make them out, and mail them.

4) Go to post office, and mail dreaded bills.

5) Return movies, and books to the library, and check out more!!

6) vacuum Dash's room

7) vacuum Pink ninja's room

8) vacuum livingroom if LEGOs are ever all off of the floor.

9) invent a special lego only vacuum for The Collective".

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