Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Jim Dandy to the Resue...

Actually is was not Jim Dandy, it was Emily.

Emily from Swank

Emily had graciously offerred her abilities for a Soldiers Angels Auction a while , and I placed the winning bid (after hearing my plain pink blogger template was so horrible for the men to look at). So Emily, thank you for fixing me back up today. I notice you threw in a couple of extras!!

I guess the problem was an update to IE7, which btw, I was informed sucks...

Emily lives and works in Florida with her boyfriend and two neurotic cats. She’s always been “artsy”, and her love of drawing and painting took her to Art and Design school where she discovered that being a painter was not a feasible career choice if she wanted to pay her rent, so she chose to pursue the “design” part of her school and became familiar with programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Designing websites started as a hobby when she wanted to make her own layout for her blog, so she taught herself HTML and CSS. Today, she has designed for and has extensive knowledge of all the major content management systems, though she is partial to Wordpress.

When she’s not on the internet (ha!), she prays to the god that is her Ti-faux, and drinks too much Diet Rootbeer. Her favorite food is Mexican, her favorite TV show is Veronica Mars and she's in love with all things Joss Whedon. Is she a geek? Probably. But that's all the better for you. Geeks are really good at designing websites, it's a known fact.

Go over and look at her work...she does a terrific job.

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vw bug said...

Looks good to me on Firefox!