Thursday, October 26, 2006

So baby let's sell your diamond ring, Buy some boots and faded jeans and go away.......

~Jennings Waylon
Lyrics for Song: Luckenbach, Texas
Lyrics for Album: Ultimate Waylon Jennings

*note to self, must have Waylon on my Shuffle TODAY!!!

Well I really must get to it today. Weeks go by here at Casa De Dust, and tumbleweeds go by, just our normal routine. And then suddenly.....AWTM is very busy. Odd.

Because of my involvement with this wonderful project, there have been a couple of opportunities come up. And honestly I was not going to put anything up, but than I noted Mr. Blackfive, went ahead and found it fit to read, so here you are a VERY small town newspaper article. . (Yes, the photo was supposed to be "serious"....Good luck in this house being serious, oh and isn't DH foxy in his ACU's. You finally get to mystery man known as DH!) The funniest part was this...a warning to my neighbors..

She doesn't edit her posts for grammar or spelling and she doesn't censor her language either,


There was a local morning show as well last week. You all know how I am, I ALWAYS second guess myself, and am unsure what to wear, I fear tripping, or having lipstick on my teeth, or looking like an ass, ad naseum... However I think the interview went fine, DH was with me, and offered great support. The worst part of the interview (other than the TV adding 10 pounds, not wearing nearly enough makeup, because I did not want to look "whorish") was "almost" crying when asked to read my contribution to The Blog of War. It is still hard for me to think of the widows, and missed time, and the changes war brings to us that are involved in it. There are good changes, some families are better, some worse... But growing can be painful. Which is another post all together.

This in essence has brought me to another new interest and project. And that is SpouseBuzz. SpouzeBuzz which has been sponsored by, but was "birthed" by Mrs. Hell on Heels, Andi from Andi's World. Andi, is really about as gracious, and well spoken as they come. A true lady, and there are many lessons I can learn from watching her. So I am not taking her tutelage lightly. Almost all of us from SpouseBuzz are headed to Fort Hood Texas, to share our experiences as military spouses. It is a project very near and dear to our hearts, and I think The sidebar says it best...

SpouseBUZZ is your virtual Family Support Group, where we can celebrate and embrace the tie that binds us all -- military service. This blog exists because of you. We have authors and contributors to keep the conversation going here, but we need you to become an active participant. Submit your comments, questions and suggestions for topics you would like to see our authors address. SpouseBUZZ will make you think, make you laugh and make you cry. Most of all, we hope you feel instantly connected to the thousands of other spouses with whom you share a common experience.

I think each of The SpouseBuzz contributors, has a unique voice, and style. Most importantly I think Spouses, supporting spouses, by lending a word or and ear, even in the "blogoshere" is a humbling and wonderful thing to be a part of. Because, as I have mentioned a Million times before. It is exactly the blogosphere that saved me at 10pm, when I was ALONE, and the house was quiet, and I hadn't heard from my DH. (Mind you I had no blog at that time) was reading other women and letting out a sigh of relief and learning "my feelings" were NOT UNIQUE. AHHHH....and I was able to breathe. I think we want that for others. So thank you Andi. I am pumped and ready to put on my little mouth and BIG EARS, which can be hard. Go here for a free ticket. So tomorrow DH is donning the apron, for the weekend. (he has a very mannish camouflaged apron) I will be headed to Fort Hood Texas . I do want to go and visit the memorial, because DH was attached to the First Cav. During his deployment.

tomorrow, if all goes well, and there are no flight delays, etc...

Andi and I will be on CPR speaking to Andrea Shea King. I need to thank Andrea, and Third Wave Dave for spearheading the fundraising and auction efforts for A Storm in Afghanistan, and talk about the SpouseBuzz live event. So tune in at I believe 4pm CST, and give Andrea a listen.

Ok, so I am taking the laptop, and I am going to TRY my hand at liveblogging, if facilities permit. I should have an update if not here over at SpouseBuzz. So peruse all of these links for the next few days there are a lot.

Wish me luck, heck wish us all luck, a prayer for safe travel never hurt...

I will be back soon. I need to get this place ship shape, and pack. For tonight I dine with THIS LADIES FOLKS!!!

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