Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Santa Baby....

The Christmas wishing has started. Yeah yeah I know it is early, but I wanted requests, so "Santa" could use layaway, and budget his energies. Santa only has a certain amount of elves, and money. I have even explained this to "The Collective". Telling them Santa has to buy a lot of children gifts all over the World.

Dash's wish list:

Rokenbok. Go ahead click on the link and watch and read. VERY cool. He saw it at the toy store in Hot Springs. I of course felt this thing was WAY too advanced, and might cause frustration. But, Dash had it figured out within seconds. I never did get the damn thing figured out.

Pink Ninja's wish list:

The talking Dora the Exploreer house:

The suprising thing here, well ALMOST everything is sold separately. So, I guess I know what else she will be getting.

So Santa, get to it. There are only a few shopping days left. Oh, and thank God some places still have layaway!!

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vw bug said...

I want a Rokenbok!!