Saturday, October 21, 2006

What you should be listening to in October

Tesco, posted this.....

it made me think...

Halloween is almost here. So you really should be listening to some Misfits. Since I have been on the laptop, I have been privy to more Misfits. It was after all the "deployment computer".

I forget how much I enjoy Glens voice. Honestly. I also think I enjoy it more each time I hear him.

I have never seen a Misfits show live. I am sure DH has, my guess is in El Paso or Jaurez, in some crazy shit hole dive. I do know he got to see Danzig at some show while we were married, he managed to meet Glen. He did get the CD signed I think...where is that CD? Damn...I missed it again.

Now I am too old to exist in a mosh pit. I think I would probably end up injured on the side. Heck my "gluiding harmony" and yoga with weights, has left me feeling like I have spent the last 4 weeks as a roller derby queen. Imagine what a mosh pit would do to me now...

or not.

Christmas is coming, DH would love this....too rich for my blood.

But I still have my ears right? There is a reason my computer speakers are blown out on the PC right? A SAHM needs something to clean to. Oh and repair things to....repairing.

and a girl can dream, can't she?

I coulda been a contender....

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