Thursday, October 19, 2006


OK I am on the lap top. Thank God it was repaired, and it is in the house. I am a one computer lady. I prefer my PC. It is mine. Reminds me of an old car I had. I know all of the tricks etc.

So the PC was acting funny, so I tried to update it, and now it is locked up. This will require me to call Bangladesh in the morning. I will also be on hold for freaking 3 hours, all while trying to ref a game of "I am going to kill you", being played by the collective.

helper: "cleeck on eff 4 and tap"

Me: "Huh? wha? huh?"

Multiply this conversation by like 21, and throw in me trying to understand the rich Indian accent, while "The Collective" scream.

I am dreading tomorrow already.

I am a huge puss.

Let me mention here, Casa De Dust was hot as Hades last night. Thermostat said 92. I broke down and turned on the air. When I woke, grabbed the tots and headed to the gym...BRRRRR...51 degrees. Go figure. Oh I went to "gliding harmony" class. The Collective went to the gym nursery. All was well, the kids did great. I hurt, which I suppose means progress, although I thought I was in better shape than this.

Then we had to run to the bank.

Library. I picked up Season One of Dark Shadows. Heck there are 40 episodes, and it is creepy, and tis the season for creepiness. Dash got some wonderful books written by David MaCauley, and books on spiders. He hates "webs", and it seems wherever we go down here, we all get wrapped up in webs. Dash does not like this. I figure, maybe if he reads about them, he will feel better. Pink Ninja, got a couple of books about Halloween.

Whole wheat spaghetti, and a salad for dinner.

DH got home late, he is exhausted, and already snoring on the couch.

I have plenty I need to be doing. There is laundry. There are also 3 cards here to go out to people that really need a pick me up.

However, all feels funny, just because I do not have good old PC Gertie, to help. Funny.

I am attached to her so, whodda thunk?

Now I hope the laptop holds up, and doesn't get sick too.

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Tori Lennox said...

The old Dark Shadows is hysterically funny in spots. I love it! The shag carpet "grass" in the cemetery that isn't tacked down very well. It wrinkles up when someone spins around. *g* The time one person is being held captive and the camera dolly moves in for a close-up and rebounds off the door. I nearly fell off the couch I was laughing so hard. Enjoy! :)