Sunday, October 01, 2006

Telephone Line, Give me some time ....

Hello, how are you?
Have you been alright,
Through all the lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely nights,
That's what I'd say, I'd tell you everything,
If you'd pick up that telephone

Hey, how you feelin'?
Are you still the same?
Don't you realise the things we did, we did,
Were all for real not a dream,
I just can't believe,
They've all faded out of view

I look into the sky,
(The love you need ain't gonna see you through),
And I wonder why,
(The little things are finally coming true)

Telephone line, give me some time,
I'm living in twilight,
Oh, telephone line, give me some time,
I'm living in twilight

OK, guess no one's answering,
Well can't you just let it ring a little longer, longer, longer?
I'll just sit tight, through the shadows of the night,
And let it ring for evermore

~Electric Light Orchestra

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