Sunday, October 15, 2006


The odd dreams continue, some more disturbing than others.

Dreamville, colliding just enough with past realities, that it feels like instant replay, but "not quite".

Dreamville that odd place where I know someone, but have no idea who they are. Or someone that looks like someone I know, but meows like a cat, or sounds like a stranger.

2 nights ago I dreamt my Mom was sick again, all night. I swear the dream lasted all night. (Although I know that this is impossible). However since I was in Dreamville, the sky was overcast, I was in that town by the lake again, Mom was ill, but I am unsure what her diagnosis was. She also died in the hospital in the dream, alone. (In reality she died at home.) I had missed her death by minutes.

It was a creepy dream, not pleasent at all. One of those dreams I have that I carry around for a week or so and then shake off.

DH had a dream about my Mom this week, and she had looked great, beautiful, and was VERY animated. They had a nice talk.

Anyway, I do not have these types of dreams often. Probably about once every 6 months or so some Dreamville dream will happen to show up, and will hang with me for a couple of weeks or so. It will fade with the rest of them.

Dreamville is an odd place, it is always overcast, and there is a lake, and a bridge, lots of steel and gray, little houses, a working class Dreamville. Reminds of something David Lynch might come up with. Creepy...

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