Monday, October 02, 2006

Where I am from..

My Sister called tonight, I hadn't spoke with her for a few days. Tonight, she celebrated. She has worked for the same employer for 25 years. 25 the same place. WOW. The dinner was not just for her, there were several people celebrating anniversaries. She had a great time. She recieved a nice crystal candy dish, which she was pleased with. I need to send her candy for her dish and a note!!
However when we speak and names, and places come up I travel to the place I grew up. Sometimes I miss it.

Here are some interesting things about where I am from.

It is a beautiful and clean town. Well manicured.

Men love Thousand Island salad dressing

The Legion has hamburger night (you get a large burger and a pile of fries for $4.00)

There is a main street

You can dine on Prime Rib, with dessert and a drink a bit for under $30.00

They carry your groceries to your car.

There are a lot of butchers.

It is home to the cleanest grocery store on the planet, where the staff might run you over just to help.

The "girls" who work at the "ice cream place" are always pretty.

On fall nights, you can hear the high school football game ALL over town.

"everyone" knows a lady that makes the best pies and cakes.

Some of the best sunsets ever....


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