Monday, October 30, 2006

If I say "Samsonite Gorilla", does that date me?

First off I must say I woke this morning very anxious to get my post up about the SpouseBuzz Live event from the weekend.


I was first hit with this discussion...

AWTM: "OK kids, lets get our shoes on, we must get your costumes today."

Pink Ninja: "Yeah!!"

Sir Rowland: (formerly known as Dash) "Mom, I have resolved to be healthy, so I do not want any candy. It is not nutritious."

AWTM: "I see"

Pink Ninja: (Who would love to walk around the house with a feed bag full of sugar around her neck looking at Sir Rowland in amazement)

AWTM: "OK buddy. I guess Daddy can take Pink Ninja, and you can stay here and help me pass out candy."

Sir Rowland: (relief)

~so the good news is, I do not have to run out and buy costumes. Pink Ninja wants to be Tinkerbell, and we just happen to have a Tinkerbell costume. This will be Daddys first Halloween with "The Collective". I really was intending on all of us going out, but this is OK. Maybe I can find a special movie, and pop popcorn for Dash and I tomorrow night. I must say I am a little sad.

So then I was excited, because I seriously had a little tiny bit of extra money saved.

-Hmmmmmm what to do with the extra money. An entire small amount....

and then

WHAM I note water leaking from under my wash machine.


Just my luck. So I have a look at the darn thing. It is very high speed, I have no idea. Not leaking from any of the hoses.

Leaking under the machine.

Oh great. I just replaced a dishwasher.

I DO NOT have the scratch for this right now.


I am also sure, you the reader, are beginning to wonder what in the hell goes on in the Casa De Dust to cause appliances to breakdown on a whim.

I am certain some of you have a picture of the Samsonite gorilla jumping up and down on shit around here.

Can I tell you, I am good to my appliances. I have no idea what the lesson in this is...

I really do not.

However, tonight I have visions of my Grandma, in her front yard. In her little town of 300. Standing there with her home made lye soap, apron on, scrubbing. It is laundry day, and she is using a ringer washer. The year, 1985. I wonder if my Dad still has the darn thing?

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