Saturday, October 21, 2006

It is all about the timing kid

I am going to put an Improv sign on the front porch, and throw a brick wall up...

because clearly someone will be famous.

I am talking Richard Pryor, Steve Martin famous.

Dash, (who I will add here, does not like to be referred to as Dash in my blog. He can read, and he does not like being referred to as Dash. His nickname is "SIR Rowland", whatever that means)I am afraid changing it might cause confusion to the I am thinking about it.

Anyway, Dash is trying to play his 1st Grade leapster game. Pink Ninja offers him no relief. (I will add here, that they have been good today, EXCEPT FOR THE SCREAMI
NG, RUNNING, and SCREACHING!! I am on audio overload already)

Ok again the story.

So Dash shuts the door to his room, so he can be alone.

Pink Ninja won't leave him a alone, she keeps knocking, and pounding on his door. Despite me beggin her to leave him alone.

So I am in the kitchen folding clothes, and I hear her wittle voice say...

"Knocka Knocka, Pizzaman"

"Knocka Knocka, I have candy"

*Note here, she is neither a pizza man, and had no candy*

I was reminded of the classic "SNL landshark skit."

Can I tell you, this kid is a comic genius, and she is not yet 3.

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