Sunday, June 05, 2011

a few months in pictures

Luau, SR photographer. The children are finally old enough to take a picture, so it does not look like I am the personal photographer and do not exist.

SR was fascinated by the submarine, submarine museum, and the nukes

We spent about 7 hours here, and could have spent the entire day.

SR fresh off of the flight, a 12 hour long flight. He thought traveling to the place he always has dreamed of visiting was surreal.

PN on her first plane trip she can actually remember. 12 hours, she faired well.


Bou said...

Look how big they are!!!

Peter said...

Growing like weeds, they are. Sure and you're having a grand time! I spent some time on Oahu back in '64 when the LBJ "brain trust" was deciding to send us back to the San Diego area for practice operations or off to Viet Nam.

Y'all just make sure that, when y'all are on the way home the setting sun is on the tail of the plane. Nope, after all these years I still don't trust goin' to Hawaii.