Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the fence

and all of that.

DH and I manged a loverly date, we went out for sushi. I was surprised so many women in their 40's show up for girls night at sushi looking like hookers. But whatever. Put some clothes on please. I am trying to figure out why grown women let their girls out when dining with girlfriends.

WE then went to the movie Get Low with Bobby Duvall, a story about loss, and redemption, and punishing ones self over bad choices. It was good. A nice escape was had by all.

Allergy testing results came back as negative. Which is what it is. I am still going to monitor gluten, because he could be sensitive, and we will watch. thyroid functioning is good, Complete Metabolic profile was all within normal limits. I should be jumping up and down, but I will say I am torn. This would be easier if we could fix something.

We started DHA/omegas nordic naturals 3-6-9, 2 in the morning, 2 at night, and noticed a difference. We also started melatonin low dose at night, because frankly SR would rather sit up until midnight reading science books, and wants to feed his brain at night, because he is not getting all he wants at school. The kiddo needs rest. He performs better when rested.

I am also dealing with a child who is anxious over the school year because of the classroom. I will not go into too much detail because it will appear as though I am pointing fingers. I am not.

I will say, there is a way to deal with SR and a way not to. Because of what likely appears to be Asperger's, he needs low arousal approach, he does not need a hyper reactive approach. Teaching SR also requires a high amount of flexibility.

Flexibility is something humans really do not like for the most part, we like a list, and like things to go our way, and the minute things veer off....most folks do not like that. Teachers that teach for 27 years REALLY do not like it. People that have not really spent much time around these kiddos, do not realize they are quarkey. REally quarkey.

Anywho, we keep pushing, and pulling, and meanwhile SR, is starting to begin to dislike parts of his school day.

I did get notes from teachers last week about how tremendous he was one day. It is one day. But heck I want to frame the damn emails, and notes at this point....

Say a prayer. We go back to the pysch Dr. Thursday for an adaptive reasoning test. How exciting, at this rate we might know something in 2 months.


wifeunit said...

You are amazing and I do hope answers come more quickly than that.

It is the not knowing that is the most difficult.

Anonymous said...

you can get the melatonin with out the expense just by warming up some milk...good luck with diagnosis.

vw bug said...

*hugs* and good luck.

Fermina Daza said...

Keep pushing. Keep testing your gut instincts. He has no better advocate than you.