Sunday, June 17, 2007

Today is brought to you by the letter "P"

I treated The Collective and I too lunch today. Actually DH treated The Collective and I to lunch, but who is keeping track?

We decided to go out to lunch, as I had to go to the commissary at the AFB. So during lunch, I was treated to a discussion that included this.

Sir Rowland: "You know milk is cows pee, don't you Mom?"

AWTM: " sorry, it is not cow pee."

Patrons at said restaurant: staring blankly

Pink Ninja: (In the highest and loudest squeaky voice she could muster) "Mommy, it is cow pee. White cow pee is white milk, and Brown cows with white spots are chocolate milk."

Mind you both of my children are looking at me like I am an idiot, because I do not know this.

AWTM: "Actually guys, milk is intended for baby cows. Just like human milk is for babies, and cows milk comes from cows udders, which is the cow equivalent to human breasts."

Pink Ninja: So do brown people make chocolate milk?"

Patrons: all listening

AWTM: "no"

Patrons: STILL listening intently.

AWTM: "guys, I have a book on this at home, it even has pictures, why don't we discuss this later."

Sir Rowland: "I told you it was pee."

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Sgt. L's Wife said...

I love the Collective. I know our day is coming...just glad there's no one to goad BG on. That is except for Sgt. and I can whip him back in place faster than her!