Thursday, June 07, 2007

Continued Jackassery from the road

The day after my little adventure at the The National Infantry Museum, we packed the Collective, and drove them to Atlanta for a day o fun at Fernbank Natural History Museum. A very well kept museum, with enough hand on hand to keep The Collective interested, so we spent the day there.

Well there was an interactive section of the museum, they had a series of glass resonance tubes. So I have the Collective put their ears to the tubes, and listen to the shortest tube, and then the longest tube.

AWTM: "do you hear the difference in sound?"

Pink Ninja: "it sounds like the ocean."

Sir Roland: "the short one sounds high, and the long one is low sounding."

AWTM: "How do you suppose it works?"

Random guy standing next to us: "Well Ma'am, I am sure the length of the tubes, has something to do with it."

AWTM: *staring at this jackass* and wondering, why on Earth I get 2 random jackasses in 2 days. The guy from the day before had sort of lowered my tolerance to any chitter chatter with strangers.

DH: *backing up and snickering, and waiting for my short fuse to finish burning, because he knows I have had enough of random jackasses*

AWTM: "Sir, uuuuhhhh yeah I was actually asking my 3 and 5 year old, but I passed 2 grade science, thanks."

Random guy standing next to us: *looking VERY uncomfortable*.

And of course, we ended up on the same track through the museum as this guy and his family.

Point here being, situational awareness, at an interactive section of the museum, did this guy really think I was asking him? Did he think he was Bill Freaking Nye? Why wasn't he interacting with his own family, instead of gracing random women with his VERY scientific mind?

2 days in a row, jackassery?

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