Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Darn it

*female bits discussed here, you have been warned*

I spent most of the evening with a migraine. Ughhh.

No fun really, but since I have been back on "the pill", I can almost count on this. They put me back on the pill to regulate my hormones, they were being wacky. So the good news is, my cycle is shorter, and less painful as they promised. This is good. But about 4 days after my cycle starts and I am taking no hormones WHAMMY, like clockwork. So from about 4:30pm, until I managed sleep after midnight,I had one hell of a migraine. Enough pain to induce vomiting. Not much fun. Perticularly with The Collective.

And I tried all of the tricks, caffiene, advil, and count them 1, 2, 3, imitrix. It took 3 imitrix before I was able to sleep last night. Never good.

I am better this morning, but there is enough of a residual, that I am nervous, that it could return today.

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