Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Time

The Collective have been dropped at VBS, I stopped and filled the truck for 2.79, which is the least expensive gas I have bought since in Mississippi.

I stopped in and spoke to the "daycare" director about getting them in 1 day a week from 9-5. They are unsure if they can swing it. Understandably so, as they would take up a full time kids slot. So I am unsure if it will work. They are going to see what they can do. I think it will not only benefit me to have a free day, but will prepare Sir Rowland for a more social environment.

I have noted that 3 hours goes by quickly.

When your spouse is away often it seems as though 3 hours can be an eternity, but when you NEED 3 hours to catch up on things, or to get things done...well 3 hours seems like 20 minutes.

I have managed to weed the front flower beds entirely. They look terrific. Like I said they were huge. I also managed to weed the back yard (almost entirely. I finished moving the rocks to the back fence. I do need some soil for my cannas. Cannas are supposed to be HUGE, mine look dwarfed. But since I am working with primarily clay, and rock...I guess I will have to baby them. I want some yellow cannas, that would sure be pretty.

I am going to attempt to trim the shrubs with the electric shrub trimmers today while The Collective are gone. So if there is not another post up by 10pm, I might have sliced my arm off.

Not looking forward to picking up all of the branches from all of these damn shrubs.

Oh and they will not be simple to trim. We have 2 fancy holly shrubs that require sculpting, so they look round at edges and flat up top. This is going to require a ladder.

So picture me on a ladder, with an electric hedge trimmer....

The good thing about doing it today, most of the neighbors are at work, so I will not feel like the matinee.

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