Saturday, June 09, 2007

How to Freeze Tomatoes

After the post below, I figured something a little more domestic was in order...

People are asking me how to freeze tomatoes.

First off, I do prefer canned tomatoes, but any of you that have actually performed that process, realize it is time consuming project. I also have a fear of using a canner with small children in the house.

So here is a great resource site to go to.


Blanching them, makes it easy for the skins to slip right off.

I think they taste much better than any canned tomato, or any tomato that you have to buy in a grocery store in October-June.

Plus, if you want them in a salad in winter, just place them in a colander overnight and let them drain.

I was able to purchase very large boxes of fresh organic tomatoes, from my little man down the road, for a very minimal price. I think I have a few bags left, which means. $52 kept us in tomatoes, all winter long. (Which when you use at least 2 quart bags a week) It is not a bad deal.

I may have a potty mouth, but I am frugal indeed!

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